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Offsetting consultations

Quickly book consultations for individuals

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Payment via Vipps is available – please contact us for more information:

Quickly book consultancy for businesses

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Payment via Vipps is available – please contact us for more information:

Why book a one-off consultation with a lawyer?

A lot of issues are clarified (or even resolved) in just one single conversation with a lawyer. Often, a single conversation with a lawyer protects the client from actions that could have negative legal and/or economic consequences. A consultation with a lawyer is therefore a secure investment in protecting one’s interests.

During the consultation, the lawyer carefully analyses the factual situation and explains to the client the legal side of the situation, explains the way to resolve the matter and identifies the risks and opportunities. This is the time that the lawyer commits to devote to the client and to the issues of concern to the client.

The information provided during the consultation shall be considered as advice, a recommendation or an inducement to take a specific action. The lawyer assumes, in other words, responsibility for the quality of the legal advice. The lawyer shall also ensure that all information provided by the client will be protected as legal professional privilege.

Do we provide initial “free” advice?

The answer is an unequivocal “no”. Understanding this without knowing the specifics of how lawyers work is probably impossible. The explanation here is quite simple: initial “free” consultations are about recruiting new clients, not about solving new clients’ issues. Therefore, initial “free” advice is not really as “free” as it may seem.

We do not offer such advice primarily for ethical and moral reasons. Secondly, our aim is to help the client at the lowest possible cost and, in the circumstances, to say goodbye after the consultation and, of course, to take responsibility for the quality of the legal advice given.

How do I book a lawyer’s consultation?

The most convenient way to book a consultation is through PayPal’s online payment platform: the client receives an automatic confirmation of the consultation and a payment receipt, while the lawyer receives basic information about the new client and the problem or question he/she is facing, as well as the client’s contact details.

Payment can also be made via the popular Norway Vipps phone billing app. Please contact us at and you will be invoiced for the deposit.

Payment can also be made by wire transfer to an escrow account to hold client funds. Please contact us for more information and you will be issued with a deposit account.

What is a custodial bank account for customer funds?

A custody account is an account that is opened exclusively for statutory clients (lawyers, real estate brokers, etc.) for the custody and management of funds entrusted to them by others, where these funds remain the property of the persons who entrusted them.

A deposit account for client funds allows clients’ funds to be segregated from their own funds and held securely in a separate account.

How does a lawyer’s consultation work?

Advice is provided remotely, either by phone or via a video chat application of the client’s choice.